Iryna Merkulova

Iryna Merkulova

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Iryna Merkulova (b. 1970, Kyiv, Ukraine) is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University. Although she started her career as a professional artist late, painting was her greatest passion from early childhood. She studied painting and drawing in Kyiv Municipal Youth School of Art and participated in numerous local and international youth art exhibitions and summer art residencies. In artist’s early thirties Merkulova with her family relocated to Montreal. Since that she was working as a graphic designer and continued her art practices and education.

Group Exhibitions

Aug 19 - Sep 7, 2018
VAV Callery
1395 Rene Levesque W, Montreal, QC

Exposition Québécitude
Jun 19 - Jul 2, 2016
Le repaire des 100 talents
5867 St-Hubert, Montreal, QC


April 14 - 28, 2016
Le Canal and William Street Galleries
1844 William, Montreal, QC

Artist Statement

Iryna Merkulova’s paintings reveal the snapshots of the moments that happened during the different periods of the artist’s life and combined with lights, shapes, colors, and emotions while reflecting the cultural experience of both countries (Ukraine and Canada) she lived in. Her inspiration comes from the emotional environment and the connections between people. Like every artist, Iryna Merkulova is constantly looking for self-identity which is dynamic and evolves with years and life changes. One moment it is clear, but the next moment it slips away and the artist is in a search again. Her paintings reflect the process of the recognition of an individual’s place in society and speak of acceptance and refusals, love and frustration, happiness and loss, misunderstanding and exclusion.

Iryna Merkulova is mostly using oil paints on canvases and watercolors and inks on different types of paper. Also, her art practice sometimes involves work with fibers, fabric, threads, and beads.