I am a Ukrainian-born Canadian artist with BFA majoring in Paining and Drawing from Concordia University currently living and working in Montreal. While oil is my primary painting medium, my body of work includes watercolour and ink drawings and fibre art. I participated in numerous group exhibitions in Canada. In 2022 I was honoured to receive Research and Creation Grant from Canada Council for the Arts.
Je suis une artiste canadienne d'origine ukrainienne. Actuellement je vis et travaille dans mon studio à Montréal. Mes œuvres sont principalement des peintures à l’huile et des dessins à l'encre, mais je crée occasionnellement des pièces avec des techniques mixtes, des œuvres textiles et des vidéos. 
Artist Statement:
My work reflects the social, political, and natural processes in our contemporary world captured through the prism of a woman’s mind. Through my paintings of seemingly ordinary, everyday objects, I wish to investigate deeper issues related to the place of woman in the society, communal urban living, consumerism, and sustainability. I often use personal memories as the entry point into my visual narratives. In this way, my work straddles the personal as well as the interpersonal, creating an open space that challenges and comforts the viewer through distant togetherness.
Group exhibitions:
2022 - Sled, Le Livart, Montreal
2022 - Traces, Fais-moi l'art, Montreal
2022 - Refraction, Yolk x Atelier Galerie 2112, Montreal
2022 - Popup Exhibition, ArtCible, Atelier Galerie 2112, Montreal
2021 - City of Art III, Galley 1313, Toronto
2021 - Mtl en Arts Virtual Expo 2021, Online
2021 - JPEG Vol.II, ArtCible, Atelier Galerie 2112, Montreal
2021 - Finding Sanctuary Exhibition, Visionary Art Collective​​​​​​​, Online 
2020 - Merging Perimeters, PDSA Concordia University, Montreal
2019 - Le Salon, Atelier Galerie 2112, Montreal
2019 - Limitless, Juried Exhibition, Federation of Canadian Artists, Online 
2019 - 51st International Juried Exhibition, Society of Canadian Artists, Papermill Gallery, Toronto
2018 - Smelted, VAV Gallery, Montreal
2022 - Canada Council for Arts Grant for Research and Creation
2021 - Concordia University Alumni Association (CUAA) Fine Arts Prize
2019 - InArte Journal, Concordia University, 2019, Issue 09 Emotions
2019 - Feelszine Journal. Toronto. 2019. Issue 09: Ageing out now

BFA Painting and Drawing, Concordia University, Montreal
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