Blind Contour

The limited mobility makes us look closer at the places and objects available in proximity to find their purpose and beauty and to question the significance of material goods in our lives. It also changes the way we navigate our environment and impacts the rules of communal living. The navigation routine reminds a computer game where reflections of outside space on the interior objects are questioning the limits between reality and illusion. Like drawing a blind contour, I am trying to slow down and take little steps concentrating on breathing and feeling of being alive.

Long Distance, 2021

Oil on Canvas, 30x30 inches

Safe Space, 2021

Oil on canvas 36x36 inches

Glass Border, 2021

Oil on canvas 36x36 inches

Past Curfew, 2021

Oil on canvas 30x30 inches

Shared Studio Corner, 2021

Oil on canvas 36x36 inches

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